I awoke this morning to this private message from a very intelligent former student: “In your opinion, what is the most compelling evidence for god or a higher power?”  I choose to respond here in Note form for posterity (your comments are welcome):

TWO RESPONSE LEVELS (‘Personal’ and ‘Science’ or physical evidence)

#1. “For me PERSONALLY, I just know that I know what I know… meaning I feel God’s presence personally and I’m not the same person I used to be before Him (because of my relationship with Him).

And this has become increasingly so since I retired 5 years ago.  I’ve become more “monk-like” in my study of God’s Word and increasingly FEEL His presence. The power from His Holy Spirit power has given me a ‘PEACE‘ and a sort of “interpersonal invincibility” (my word) that I’d never before known — which has been intensifying exponentially these last 2 months since attending a new church ( Kirkmont Presbyterian )

Also I’ve begun a life long project transcribing verbatim messages of it’s pastor, Dan Borgelt) who has the skilled articulation of a surgeon, portrait painter and orchestra conductor combined. I literally cry at the beauty of the composition as I type his words.

So while that doesn’t probably do much for hardcore skeptics… it’s all I need. And even if were proven today that God does not exist (which it won’t), I would still follow the principles of the Bible because THEY WORK !!!

SCIENCE – physical evidence (go to *** if time is short)

This is where I’m weak and appreciate those more cerebrally gifted; but from what I read,

“Observational astronomy has uncovered evidence that the universe is not eternal, but BEGAN to exist. Up until the 20th Century the prevailing viewpoint among both philosophers and scientists was that the universe was eternal–that matter and energy always existed; that it never began to exist so there was never a need for a creator of the universe.

That world view crumbled under the impact of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity and it’s application in 1917 to the questions of cosmology. What Einstein’s theory predicted is that the universe cannot be a static, eternal, timeless entity… rather the universe is either going to be in a state of cosmic expansion or collapse. And in either case this cannot be extrapolated to past infinity. It predicted that the universe, indeed time and space themselves must have had a beginning at some point in the finite past.

*** During the 1920’s observational astronomy began to uncover evidence for these purely theoretical predictions that Albert Einstein’s theory had made. So that today, the prevailing view among contemporary cosmologists and astrophysicists is that the universe is not infinite in the past, but that time and space, matter and energy are FINITE and came into being at some point a finite time ago.

This is the most powerful evidence ever to come out of science for the existence of a transcendent CAUSE of the universe which brought the universe into being.” – (W.Craig –

FINALLY… this article is a REALLY good explanation between the above two:

“Six straightforward reasons to believe that God is really there”

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