Week 8: The Great Mission

“I was a wrestler in 8th grade, I was about the same height, but about 60 pounds lighter at the 110… alright 65 pounds lighter (Laughter)… at the 110 pound weight class and when I was in 7th grade I’d lost a handful of matches… and that’s tough business… I mean wrestling is like an organized fight… it’s like getting beat up on the playground, only in the gym with a ref in front of all your friends… and everytime I lost, I cried… the emotion was so strong.”

Pastor Dan’s opening paragraphs below are SO good that if they don’t entice you to read more… well, I hope you will anyway ūüôā

‚Äď ‚Äď ‚Äď ‚Äď ‚Äď ‚Äď

Pastor Dan Borgelt
Kirkmont Presbyterian Church
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434

VIDEOCLIP SERMON INTRO –The Me | Church… Where it’s all about me”

Sermon AUDIO (listen as you read TRANSCRIPTION below)

Pastor Dan:
“Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go a “Me-Church”… to go to a church that catered to all your needs? Let me just ask you, “If Kirkmont started catering to all of your needs, what are some of the things that we would start offering… or how would we do things differently? … besides a new pastor (Laughter), that’s off the table, but anything else, what would it be?

I couldn’t come up with a list for you but I decided to come up with a list for myself. Here are the top three things that I¬†thought¬†of if the church just started catering to my needs, here are 3 things that we would start doing around here:
FIRST (this is in increasing order of expense): The first thing would be that¬†my OFFICE would be painted in all Michigan colors with a BIG BLOCK “M”¬†(LAUGHTER)… yeah, that’s right… and a TV outside of it that just played HIGHLIGHTS from all of Michigan’s games (more laugher).

The SECOND thing… I mean that’s doable, the second thing is a little more expensive:¬†I personally would like a PASTOR’S BATHROOM somewhere because I just don’t feel comfortable going to the bathroom with the rest of the parishioners¬†(Laughter)…¬†especially after going into the restroom today in my socks¬†(Laughter)… we’ll just leave that at that.

And then (in increasing order) FINALLY I would like… I would like to start a¬†Chick-fil-A Restaurant¬†right here in the building, that was OPEN ON SUNDAYS… right? .. if it was ME-CHURCH… what about for you?

– – – – – –
But here’s the thing about ME-CHURCH… and this idea… as you might have noticed a trend in the video and the trend that I just played now is that¬†WE DON’T GO TO “ME-CHURCH”… in fact the concept of Me-Church is the opposite of what the Bible says about Church… in fact we exist FOR OTHER PEOPLE BESIDES OURSELVES.

And today we’re going to be looking at SEVENTH ESSENTIAL. If you’re visiting with us, what we’ve been doing here at Kirkmont is going though something called THE SEVEN ESSENTIALS OF THE EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.. the seven most important things we believe; and we’re looking at the 7th Essential together this morning.

And this one calls us into ACTION, and it calls us into an action where we put other people’s NEEDS and DESIRES before_our_own. And here’s what the 7th Essential says… would you pull that orange insert out and join me in reading it together:

“The Lord Jesus Christ commands all believers to proclaim the gospel throughout the world and to make disciples of all nations. Obedience to the Great Commission requires total commitment to ‚ÄúHim who loved us and gave Himself for us.‚ÄĚ He calls us to a life of self-denying love and service. ‚ÄúFor we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.‚Ä̬†(Eph. 2:10)

This morning as we look through that Essential together I’m going to be asking you THREE QUESTIONS. ¬†The three questions I’m going to be asking you are three questions that I’m challenging you to consider ASKING GOD IN RETURN… not only when we end our Service together this morning, but throughout this week. Three questions I’m asking you to be asking God in a Spirit of Prayer this week.

1, The first question we’re going to be talking about is¬†AM I PLAYING¬†A¬†ROLE IN THE GREAT MISSION OF YOUR PEOPLE?

  1. The second question we’re going to be asking you to ask is¬†AM I PLAYING¬†THE¬†ROLE THAT YOU WANT ME TO IN THE GREAT MISSION OF YOUR PEOPLE?

So some of you might be playing “a” role but not what it is that God wants you to be doing.

  1. And the last question we want you to be asking is,¬†AM I TOTALLY COMMITTED AND SELFLESS IN MY ROLE IN THE GREAT MISSION OF GOD’S PEOPLE?

Those three questions we’re going to be looking at briefly this morning.


Ya know, when I read through this essential one of the things that stood out to me the most was this word “ALL” This idea that the Essential says the Lord Jesus Christ¬†commands ALL believers to proclaim the Gospel. This word “ALL”… ya know¬†that doesn’t mean all PEOPLE.. it you’re here today and you’re one of those people who’s just trying to discover who God is, or what role Jesus Christ might play in your life… first of all WELCOME, we’re glad that you’re here; this isn’t a passage that’s putting a burden or command on you in any way at all… this is a passage that is calling out ALL those people in the room who consider themselves to be¬†Christians, or followers of Christ, or Christ-followers, or¬†Believers¬†or whatever term you want to use, this passage is speaking TO YOU.

Ya know, I love the Church… I love the Organized Church; I got to preach on it a few weeks ago–THE BRIDE OF CHRIST… the idea that people would GATHER together, they would BUY a building, BUILD a building and MEET there together, and they WORSHIP together, they HIRE pastors and staff and other people to help lead them in Worship and other things… it’s a wonderful thing.

But one of my biggest concerns about the whole institution, the whole organization of the church is this idea that when people gather together, the build a building, and then start hiring staff people, this whole MINDSET becomes, when we start talking about The Great Commission… the mindset of the people in the church becomes, “THAT’S WHY WE HIRED A PASTOR” (he’s smiling)… that’s what we’re doing, that’s how we’re fulfilling The Great Commission is that we’re pooling our money together to hire a pastor, “Now you go do that” !!!

But that’s not at all what the Essential says is it? … the Essential says, “ALL believers are called to participate in this”. ¬†And when that reality is understood in the church, the TRUE POWER of the Church is unlocked.

When we embrace the reality that look, as a pastor, I mean I’m called to primarily be a shepherd to the people who attend here at Kirkmont. I’m not saying that I don’t have or don’t want to have genuine friendships with unchurched people in this community… but my primary task… you did not hire an Evangelist… my primary task is to minister to those people who come here and call this their home church.

But you’re the ones who have natural avenues through relationships in your neighborhoods and workplaces and families to be in relationship with people who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

And so this expression of ALL BELIEVERS, all Christ-followers, all followers of Christ are involved in this great Mission of God’s People. If that’s you, then this is the first question I want to be asking you is, ARE YOU PLAYING “A” ROLE IN THE GREAT MISSION OF GOD’S PEOPLE?

Ephesians, chapter 2, verse 10 tells us this,

For we are God’s handiwork, workmanship… not just created BY God and made by Him, but¬†created in Christ Jesus to do good works, meaning, if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ here by His mercy and grace the reason you do is NOT JUST for your own benefit… it’s for the benefit of other people around you as well…¬†which God prepared in advance for us to do“.

Friends, satan is going to tempt you in all kinds of ways in your life.. won’t he? … tempt us to do all kinds of things in our lifetime.¬†But the greatest temptation that I believe we will ever face will be the temptation to be complacent when it comes to the great mission of God.

Is it possible that you’re here this morning and you’ve benefitted from the Great Mission.. you’ve benefitted from a Pastor, a Sunday School teacher, a parent, a neighbor, a co-worker or somebody who took the great mission of God’s people seriously and taught you about Jesus Christ. Is is possible that you’re here and you benefitted¬†from¬†it but you’ve not benefited¬†it¬†in any way¬†at all?

I want to ask you a question, and invite you to ask God this question, in a Spirit of Prayer, AM I PLAYING A ROLE IN THE GREAT MISSION OF YOUR PEOPLE?

– – – – – – – –¬†

#2 –¬†The second question to ask GOD¬†is¬†AM I PLAYING¬†THE¬†ROLE THAT YOU WANT ME TO IN THE GREAT MISSION OF YOUR PEOPLE? ¬†Some of you might be playing “a” role but not what it is that God wants you to be doing.

Well, now we get into details of what it is He asks us to really do in this Essential. The Essential goes on, not only does it say ALL BELIEVERS, but it says that our task is to PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AND TO MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS.


You see friends, TRUE followers of Christ produce followers of Christ.

That sounds a little militant, or a little robotic I guess, so maybe we could rephrase and say TRUE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST HELP OTHERS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST.

In¬†Matthew¬†chapter 4 verses 18-20 the Scripture tells us this… some of you might recognize the context in which Jesus says these words.. but the setting is this: Jesus is beginning to call people into a relationship with Him for the very first time… these are the very first people that Jesus went to and said, “Hey, let’s hang out together, let’s walk together, follow Me… and here’s what He says,

And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen.¬†Then He said to them,¬†‚ÄúFollow Me, …now look, the verse simply could have ended there, it could’ve simply meant, ‘Come follow me, I want to have a relationship with you”.. it would’ve ended there and it would’ve made TOTAL sense.. right? But it doesn’t end there.¬†Jesus says, come follow me¬†and I will make you fishers of men.‚ÄĚ

You see there was never an opportunity to follow Jesus and not to produce other followers of Jesus… it’s tied up into the invitation to follow Jesus in the first place. I hear so many people say, “Well I’m into the Christian thing, I’m into the God-thing, I’m into¬†the Jesus-thing… but I mean the whole idea of helping other people do that is NOT my thing… that’s never an opportunity. There was never an invitation given to us to follow Christ and not to labor toward producing other followers of Christ.

Jesus says, “Come follow me and I will make you fisher’s of men”

Now I remember the first time that I heard this passage and connected it with the details of fishing. ¬†I mean¬†here’s Jesus, He calls these people to be “fishers of men”… because they’re fisher-men. ¬†And I started thinking about the two and it was sort of a disturbing concept when you think about it.

I mean here it is, 4th of July weekend and probably a lot of people went out fishing and stuff, and what do you do when you go fishing… you get in your boat and you go out to the fish’s home … is that a word? .. it is… not Frisches, fish’s… you go out to the fish’s home and you take a SHARP HOOK… and you take a thing that’s meant to look like their food, but it’s really not, it’s pretend; and you throw it out into the water… and then you dangle it and crank and do all kinds of different things so it not only LOOKS like their food, but it ACTS like their food as well.

And then the fish comes along and tries to get a little nibble.. and what do you do with that hook.. you YANK ON IT.. you GRAB it by it’s mouth and it starts RUNNING FOR ITS LIFE and you drag it through the water, put it onto your boat, stick it into your live-well; make it THINK ABOUT what’s coming for the next couple of hours (LAUGHTER)… then take it home, chop off it’s head and eat it for dinner.

Can you imagine what the disciples were thinking when Jesus said, “Come follow me, we’ll make you fishers of men“? ¬†(LAUGHTER) … they’re probably like.. what? … what? (Laughter)

And some of you have been on the wrong end of that type of evangelism.. that’s about how graceful and loving the Church has been towards you in trying to convert you… and some of you, that’s about how loving and kind you’ve been in trying to convert other people.

But it’s a misapplication.. that’s not the point of the passage… the point of the passage is Jesus is saying they’ve fished for a living.. it was their life, livelihood, they were solely committed to it. He’s calling us to a cause, not about fish, but a cause about PEOPLE, that we are solely committed to… as if it is our livelihood… we will spend all day and all night doing it because it is of most importance to us, because God wants to use us to make an impact in people’s LIVES…

…that is the concept of “FOLLOW ME AND I WILL MAKE YOU FISHER’S OF MEN”

Now if you’re here and you’re not a Christian, I want to just say a couple of words to you,
“I know this sounds like a weird sermon to be at…” … maybe you’re here and you invited some unchurched friend and they’re here with you for the first time and you’re like, “Great, this is a weird sermon… they’re here, and they’re hearing about how we’re supposed to be reaching people like them… it kinda sounds a little bit like a cult and you look like a cult-leader without shoes on… (LAUGHTER).. whatever it might be, but I just want to let you know that WE ARE NOT DOING THIS… WE ARE NOT FISHING FOR MEN IN ORDER TO EARN THE FAVOR OF GOD… OR TO GET HIM TO LIKE US MORE.. or to love us more; He sent His Son some 2000 years ago to DIE on the Cross for us… we don’t have to EARN that favor, that’s not why we’re doing this.

We’re not doing this because I get paid more if more people come to the church; we’re not talking about The Great Commission for any of those STUPID REASONS… we’re talking about The Great Commission because some of us have come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and it’s the most BLESSED and CHERISHED thing that’s ever happened to us… and because we LOVE other people and are called to love them, we want them to have the same opportunity.

– – – – – – –

Some of you would say, “Well, that’s not me… this whole idea of ‘fishing for men’… that’s not me… that’s just my skill set, that’s not my gifting, I’m SHY, I’m QUIET, I don’t even know how to talk about my faith… if someone said, ‘Help me become a Christian’ I would get nervous, I wouldn’t even know what to SAY”.

In First Corinthians chapter 3, verses 5-9, let me help put you at ease if you think that it’s ‘not you’; in 1st Corinthians 3:5-9 the Scripture tells us this… so Paul is writing this, a man named Paul, an early church leader, to the Early Church in the City of Corinth; and there was a fight in the church about who’s the more important pastor and leader was… and here’s what he writes,

What, after all, is Apollos?¬†Apolos is apparently the name of the other guy…¬†And what is Paul? Only servants,¬†through whom you came to believe‚ÄĒas the Lord has assigned to each his task.¬†¬†I planted the seed,¬†Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.¬†¬†So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.¬†¬†The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor.¬†¬†For we are co-workers in God‚Äôs service;¬†you are God‚Äôs field,¬†God‚Äôs building.”

This passage reminds us that it’s a process… the idea of someone coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ and following them fully is a process. We’re not looking for quick split-second decisions from people; we’re not asking you to go to the street corner or jump on the plane and convert people on the spot… we’re just asking the people in our church, who¬†LOVE JESUS CHRIST to come into a relationship with, in regular¬†contact with people who don’t already love Jesus Christ and expose the two together… to bring the two together… it’s a process.

And different people play different roles… he said, “Apolos go to do something… Paul got to do something…, but ultimately GOD WAS THE MAIN ONE IN CHARGE.

Now here, one of the things that Pat, our Christian Education Director and I have been talking about and talking with our Christian Education team here at Kirkmont is having a discipleship process that helps to directly lead people from being a SEEKER to being a fully following BELIEVER in Jesus Christ.

And to HAVE A PROCESS… and to make sure everything we do in the Christian Education realm is designed to bring people down that process — it is a process.

I want you to imagine this pulpit is where people HEAR about Jesus Christ… it’s the point in the continuum where people hear about Christ; and the truth of the matter is that before people ever hear about Jesus in a convincing way, they have had many other experiences and events in life that helped them embrace what they hear… right?

They MEET¬†somebody, or they’re HELPED by somebody and CARED FOR and LOVED by someone, ACCEPTED by someone who is a follower of Christ… that spurs their interest, it opens up their hearts to the idea of being in a relationship with Jesus Christ so that eventually they hear about Christ and eventually they are TAUGHT after having a relationship with Him how to mature that relationship, how to GROW FURTHER… it’s a process…

… And what the Scripture’s telling us, and what this Essential is saying is that each and every one of you, no matter what stage in life you’re in, no matter what GIFTS you HAVE or don’t think you have… can play a role in helping people somewhere along this line.

And what I’ve found is that Church people always say to me… “Hey pastor.. why don’t you go out and get em’… you tell em’ about Jesus, and once they wanna follow Jesus then hand’em to us and we’ll take it from there”.

People love the idea of having people who are already Christians and helping them become better Christians… if you will. BUT, THE WORLD NEEDS more people who follow Christ who are willing to point people towards Jesus before they even heard about Him… but you know what THAT means… is your LIFE? … your life¬†private and public… it actually HAS TO POINT PEOPLE TO JESUS. ¬†You actually have to be living a MORALLY active enough life… you have to be LOVING and KIND and GENEROUS… whatever it might be… you have to STAND OUT and yet FIT IN… there’s this beautiful mystery that YOUR LIFE actually POINTS people to Jesus.

And WHO KNOWS… you may think that you’re not THIS person, but MAYBE God is calling you to seize the opportunity to BE THE ONE to actually TELL SOMEONE about Jesus Christ.

And then there are always people who are ready to help teach them to be BETTER FOLLOWERS of Christ… IT’S A PROCESS… and all of you get to play a role in_that_process… `

We’re calling it here at Kirkmont…¬†“FROM SEEKER TO SEEKER”…
(from someone who is SEEKING the idea of God to someone who is SEEKING people who are SEEKING people who are.. you get the idea.

Or from FISH to FISHERMAN… from people who are FISH and needing of being FISHED… to FISHERMAN who are FISHING THE FISH… (Laughter)… you get the idea… the DISCIPLESHIP PROCESS IS WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE.

Romans chapter 10, verses 14-15 the Scripture tells us this,

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in?”¬†This is a challenge for you because what I’m worried about is you’re wanting to maybe put yourself here, you’re MAYBE wanting to put yourself here, but you’re definitely wanting to stay away from this part of the process… you don’t want to actually have to tell someone ABOUT Christ… to actually SPEAK of your faith… so again and continuing…

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in?”¬†¬†And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?¬†And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‚ÄúHow beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!‚ÄĚ
Listen friends.. we understand.. that not everybody.. actually the majority of the people in this room do not have an interest or do not fee equipped to sit down with someone and to tell them everything they need to hear about Jesus and to answer all of their questions.

– – – – – – – – –
One of the reasons why we are evaluating our Sunday morning SCHEDULE, our Sunday morning STYLE, everything that happens here on Sunday morning is because we want to create a culture and an atmosphere at church where it’s still a WORSHIP SERVICE, the BIBLE is still being preached, but it is a place that our Church people feel comfortable inviting¬†unchurched¬†people to come too

Because at some point and time… ¬†maybe God’s going to put it on your heart to say to someone, “Hey… and then invite them to church. ¬†And that might be the SEED you plant… or the way you WATER the seed that someone else planted… “Hey… I don’t have all the answers to your questions, but why don’t you come and just see for yourself… get to know some other Christians… hear from our pastor… whatever it might be”.

That’s our VISION for Sunday morning… is to create a culture where OUR people are inviting people to come and explore the idea in its CONTINUUM.

So as we finish that section I want you to be asking yourself the question:¬†AM I PLAYING “THE” ROLE THAT GOD WANTS ME TO PLAY IN THE GREAT MISSION?

Some of you might be

– – – – – – – – – –


#3 –¬†The last question we want you to be asking is,¬†AM I TOTALLY COMMITTED AND SELFLESS IN MY ROLE IN THE GREAT MISSION OF GOD’S PEOPLE?¬†This expression in the Seventh Essential, calls for “a total commitment and a self-denying love and service for other people.

Ya know when I was in 8th grade I was a wrestler… how many of you wrestled back in Jr. High or High School? … OK, a few of you. I was gonna¬†invite someone up and challenge them, but now¬†seeing the three hands that went I’m not gonna do that (Laugher).

So, I was a wrestler in 8th grade, I was about the same height, but about 60 pounds lighter at the 110… alright 65 pounds lighter (Laughter)… at the 110 pound weight class and when I was in 7th grade I’d lost a handful of matches… and that’s tough business… I mean wrestling is like an organized fight… it’s like getting beat up on the playground, only in the gym with a ref in front of all your friends… and every time I lost, I cried… the emotion was so strong.

And so I went into 8th grade thinking “I_AM_NOT_EXPERIENCING_THAT_AGAIN”… and I ran and I worked out and I did everything I could possibly do to become a better wrestler for 8th grade. ¬†I WAS GOING TO WIN THE CITY CHAMPIONSHIP AND NOT LOSE anymore matches… and I remember the things I sacrificed… I mean, to stay the same weight a whole year in Junior High… so that I was stronger than the other people… the amount of food that I had to give up… I’d go to practice and come home and RUN MORE.. run on the weekends, run in Wintertime, run when it was dark, whatever it took so I could WIN THE CITY CHAMPIONSHIP.

I want to ask you this morning… “When’s the last time you’ve been so fired up, so excited about something, so committed to something that you were able to GIVE UP¬†ALL KINDS OF THINGS¬†because of that cause?”

That is what God is calling us to when it comes to the GREAT MISSION OF HIS PEOPLE… to look at all of our other comforts, all of our other things and to be willing to give them up for the cause of the Great Mission of_His_People.

The language here suggests that our role in the Great Commission should be the most important part of our lives… not only as individuals, but as a Church as well.

In¬†Matthew¬†28 the Scripture tells us this in verse 18-20. This is a passage that if you’ve been around the Church you’ve heard it, but many people forget the CONTEXT… the context is AFTER Jesus’ resurrection… this is one of the LAST things that Jesus says to His disciples. ¬†So, the¬†FIRST¬†thing He said to them was¬†“I’ll make you fishers of men”… the¬†last¬†thing He says to them is this…

‚ÄúAll authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.¬†¬†Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,¬†baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,¬†¬†and¬†then finally…¬†teaching¬†them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you¬†always, to the very end of the age.‚ÄĚ

For followers of Christ, this is the single and greatest task that our Lord and our Savior has asked us to do.

The One who’s left the Heaven’s Himself… the One who gave His Life for our forgiveness for our Salvation.. this is what He’s calling us to… to follow in His footsteps, of possessing a LOVE for OTHER people that is SO GREAT.. it’s so great that we GLADLY set aside our comforts, our leisurely time, our extra money, our SAFE friendships.. we open up our HOME, we open up our very LIVES… we offer any-thing and every-thing to GOD if it might further the cause of His Great Mission.

– – – – – – –

This is exactly what Paul did as a minister of the Gospel.. 1st Thessalonians, chapter 2, 8-9… here’s an example… a living example,

“We loved you Paul says to the Church in Thessalonica…¬†We loved¬†you and cared for you¬†so much¬†that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God¬†but our lives as well because you had become so dear to us.¬†¬†Surely you remember, brothers and sisters, our toil and hardship; we worked¬†night and day in order not to be a burden to anyone¬†while we preached the gospel of God to you.


Ya know as a pastor and one who’s called to lead Kirkmont… I’m convinced that my single greatest task is to convince the Church Leaders of this church and the Church members of this church that the GREAT MISSION is the Church’s greatest task… and we should to EVERY-thing FOR IT, and we should do NOTHING that isn’t for it.

Am I TOTALLY committed and SELFLESS in my role of The Great Commission?

– – – – – – – –

Ya know, two weeks ago we made an announcement to the church… the announcement was that we are going to change the Service Times from 8:30 and 11:00 to¬†9:00¬†and¬†10:30. ¬†And I have to be honest with you.. I’m a “People Pleasing” type of a person… I like to think that God’s given me enough leadership abilities that I’m willing to support decisions that might make me less popular, but at the end of the day,¬†I REALLY like people to like me.

And the last time I preached, after I’d made the time-shift announcement,¬†¬†I noticed a significantly less people greeting me on the way out the door… that might’ve just been on my mind, but it kept me up a few nights… and here’s what I want to say about that… I want to let you know that we could debate and argue about the statistics and all types of things about whether that would actually help us or not….

But I want to let you know the SPIRIT of the decision: ¬†the Spirit of the decision was made in light of the Great Mission of God’s people… our Session and I made the decision… came to the choice because we believe it’s one SMALL thing that will help us in accomplishing the Mission of our people.. and it really is a small thing in the BIG PICTURE.

– – – – – – – –

This morning as we gather,¬†our¬†Brothers and Sisters in Christ will¬†meet together and by getting together they will be risking their very LIFE¬†around the Globe. ¬†A¬†I’ve a feeling that the change we’re proposing here this coming Fall¬†is just one of many to come… but I also have a feeling that¬†NONE of the future changes here¬†will even come close to comparing to the sacrifice that God is asking His people to make across this Globe.

The things that we’re going to be doing here are relatively small in comparison if you think about it.

But you should know that whether you AGREE with the changes in the future or NOT, they are always in light of the Great Mission because it’s our greatest mission… it’s our PURPOSE as a church in our existence.

AND I AM EXCITED… I’m excited about a day at Kirkmont where a numerical attendance trend is turned around… people are inviting people… people feel welcome to come and hear about Jesus no matter where they are in that spectrum.. and that we’re having BAPTISMS up here for people who’ve never had a relationship with Jesus Christ before… we’re hearing POWERFUL TESTIMONIES about the WORK OF GOD how HE used people…

I WANT TO HEAR someone’s testimony that’s getting baptized for the first time… and¬†I want them to MENTION YOUR NAME… I want them¬†to say,¬†“So and so was so much kinder than all my other coworkers…”¬†or¬†“stepped up and helped me in my time of need…”¬†or whatever it might be… that you might be a PART of someone’s TESTIMONY about their STORY in coming to faith in Jesus Christ… THAT’S WHAT THE WORK OF GOD CAN BE IN YOUR LIFE.

– – – – –
I come to the Table… I want to invite our Elders to come forward at this time… and I want to invite you to this table…. [we took Holy Communion]

– – – – – – – –

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