Meet the Pastor and His Scribe

Pastor Dan Pic1
Word Artist-Orchestra
“Simultaneously paints word picture portraits
while conducting a symphonic message”
– L. Evans

While this flowery description may seem overly descriptive, it’s the best I can do describing this man’s gift. It’s difficult to word what must be heard. His explanation of Scripture is concise and captivating–it comes ALIVE through his dramatic reading. He combines memorable illustrations with humor and self-disclosing warmth inviting the listener to participate in his heartfelt message… and all this, explained SO SIMPLY and CLEARLY.

Often, I’m brought to “tears”… happy tears of JOY as I feel the increasing depth of God’s love. Truly, it’s the closest I’ve ever come to an “Out-of-Body Experience”.

He’s GUTSY, UNAFRAID, and KNOWLEDGEABLE, speaking accurate BIBLICAL TRUTH; and knows how to “step on your toes without messing up the shine on your shoes”.
(Each message is put into an amazing 30 minute audio package)

Pastor Dan Borgelt is originally from Ohio by way of Michigan.  Dan has served churches in Illinois and Minnesota, and is committed to connecting the world of the Bible with listeners through explanation, application, illustrations, clarity, and focusing on the “big idea”.  Dan and his wife, Amanda, have three children and are in the process of adopting two children from Africa.
Pastor Dan – 937.426.8471 MAIN DAN FAMILY PIC 2
Pastor Dan Haiti pic.

Meet the Scribe
. Scribe Evans pic
WHY this voluntary,
Lifelong Transcription Venture is so

I thought I had the gift of teaching until I met this man (only half kidding). I’ve spent my entire life teaching, retiring in 2010 after 41 years LOVING over 7000 hormonally turbulent teenagers. The last 24 changed me forever, sharing an affective skill curriculum with 9th graders titled, “Personal and Social Responsibility”.  It was Biblically based and Public School approved. Check out Table of Contents:

“Chasing the Wind”
Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s I reached my nadir, the lowest point of a 12-year suicidal depression. From the material and social aspects of our world, I HAD IT “ALL”.  But the myriad of Porsche, motorcycle, discotech and sky diving-type experiences could not fill my God-shaped vacuum. The more stuff I stuffed in my heart, the more it stretched (like a stomach or balloon) and when the shallow satisfaction of the “empty calories” wore off I was left more empty and hopeless than before.

Add the 1970’s “treatment”  for depression, “Valium“, readily prescribed because it’s dangers were not yet known, then blend with alcohol (I was a teacher by day, bartender by night)… well, it became a depressing, almost lethal “cocktail”.

I got so low, so empty and so confused that I lost my ability to think and speak clearly… I would forget the Pledge of Allegiance in front of my homeroom, I became both mentally and physically tongue-tied and then suicidally depressed.

Fortunately, not being able to kill myself, I escaped to the US Peace Corp to keep my resume clean and found comfort in a culture that did not require abundant articulation.

However, six months into this diversion I became even MORE depressed because now I’m on the beautiful Island of Antigua in the Eastern Caribbean and still_not_happy. After jogging barefoot and spending time on the powdery white sand beach got boring I turned to READING (thankfully there was no TV).

Wanting to rebuild my life, I read every non-fiction book available… but ran out due to limited supply. The last book left on my bungalow shelf was a copy of the Living Bible.  Knowing it was all I had, I carefully ‘chewed’ on every phrase.

Long story less long… through a series of God-incidental events, I, like the rebellious Saul, was chosen by God to experience a miraculous Paul-type conversion, instantly wiping out all depression, providing new purpose and positive direction.
(This miraculous story of God’s saving grace will be detailed in an upcoming post).

ENTER Speech Coach “Dr. Charles R. Swindoll”: My spiritual transformation catalyst was the radio program, “Insight for Living”  hosted by Pastor Chuck Swindoll.  I liked how he talked, I liked his humor and the relevant, memorable illustrations he used to underscore his key points.

I felt “called” to the ministry… I wanted to be a PREACHER; so I recorded his messages. I wanted to speak like him. Then, alone, I would stand behind a pretend pulpit in my beach bungalow and with a single earbud, I’d play a segment… pause, then say what he said.. etc.

Eventually, I got so good that I didn’t need to pause.. I copied his volume, tone, inflections… even LAUGHED when he did…, and through this process I re-learned how to clearly articulate and speak understandably… even better than before… and that was 1984.

So I returned to the States taking University courses to become a pastor… but God had other plans.  For the final 24 years of my professional career I taught the Biblically based curriculum mentioned above.

During this time I continued reading and studying, taping and transcribing portions of the Swindoll sermons along with another radio pastor, Key Life’s, Steve Brown.  I found their content and illustrations superb additions to the social-skill curriculum I taught.

While my undergraduate grades were marginal, I excelled pursuing several post-graduate degrees. I learned from my Peace Corps experience that my particular type of “Special Needs” (literally) required I tape-record lectures, rewind, and make copious color-coded notes in order to pass the exams.

Over the years my speaking abilities improved dramatically and I was invited to make dozens of local, State and national public presentations on Dropout Prevention and Empowering Teenagers to Take Responsibility For Themselves.

– – – – – –
Fast Forward 5 years to the present
 (2015).  Enter Pastor Dan Borgelt from Kirkmont Presbyterian Church in Beavercreek, Ohio, I’d never heard anyone speak like him… so precise, so clear and easy to remember because of his superb word picture illustrations.

Wanting to retain and apply as much as possible I took notes from his taped messages at  However I quickly realized that for me to get the most from his surgically chosen words and practical illustrations, that the only way I now could satisfy my increasing desire for God’s Word and His plan for my life was to transcribe_every_word.

Soooo… now applying WISDOM, I realized that in order to experience authentic growth I had to tape-record_pause_rewind_chew, digest, then SHARE what I heard in order to more deeply LEARN myself and fully APPLY these truths to my life.

The process has made my thirst for Biblical truth unquenchable.

I have a superb transcription program that allows me to download the audio and easily transcribe: pressing ESC pauses, other F keys FF, RW, slow/speed speech, etc.

Now I may enter the ultimate classroom anytime I choose and “can’t wait” to do it. If I wake in the middle of the night, no problem, I’ve got “work” I enjoy to do.

– – – – – – – – –
Honestly… I believe if the whole world were MADE to hear what Pastor Dan Borgelt has to say about Scripture (just 30 minutes per week)… we’d have world peace… haha.  But I do this for me (and hopefully my children someday).  I get SO MUCH from the process that I my goal is to transcribe every word this man has ever recorded.

So far I’ve transcribed all his messages since he began at Kirkmont February, 2015 completed below. AUDIO is also imbedded for many of his previous messages from his last church in Minnesota.

As you READ, and HEAR his words, and see the VIDEOCLIP intros he uses, I hope you will allow him to “paint his beautiful word pictures on the canvas of your soul”; may God bless us all as we follow His Word.

The Evans Family
Evans Family Composite2

(Larry, Melissa, Elijah and Isabella)

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