70 Faith-Focused Question to Ask Your Kids Each Day – by Leslie Means

70 Faith-Focused Question to Ask Your Kids Each Day – by Leslie Means

  1. Is there anyone who needs your prayers today?
  2. What is something you want to thank God for today?
  3. How did you show the love of Jesus today?
  4. Is there anything happening in your life today that you need to ask God for help?
  5. Are there any worries or fears that you need to release to God?
  6. Who do you see everyday that needs to have a friend like Jesus? How can you be that?
  7. How were you like Jesus today?
  8. What was the kindest thing you said or did today? Who needs an extra dose of your kindness?
  9. Are there any things you said or did today that you need to ask for God’s forgiveness?
  10. Did you notice if anyone was having a rough day today? How did you help them?
  11. Who did you talk to about Jesus today?
  12. Did you ask anyone if they needed you to pray for them today?
  13. Did Jesus put anyone on your heart today at school?
  14. Was there a need that you saw and how did you or could you meet it?
  15. How did you demonstrate a servant’s heart today?
  16. What did God do for you today?
  17. What did you do for others today?
  18. What’s one way you know mommy loves Jesus?
  19. What’s one way you struggled to obey?
  20. What’s one thing you are grateful for?
  21. What do you have that lots of other kids around the world don’t have?
  22. What’s one beautiful thing in God’s creation that you saw?
  23. How did you see that you need Jesus today?
  24. We don’t necessarily ask a daily question but rather encourage them to build relationships with others on a daily basis. In light of this, we encourage our girls to be invitational, whether to a play date to get to know the kiddo better or to a church event or activity. When an event is coming up, we will ask our girls, “Whom do you think would be interested in going with us to ____ (event/activity name)?” This only works, of course, if you first have the relationship.
  25. God loves you each minute of every day. Do you remember that when things are hard?
  26. Who did you see Jesus working through and what were they doing?
  27. Jesus calls us to love one another. Can you think of a time you saw someone showing love?
  28. What did you do to make God smile today?
  29. What do you want to pray to God about that is worrying you?
  30. What did you do this week that impacted eternity?
  31. Did you love the unlovely today?
  32. What do you think is the coolest thing God ever made?
  33. What is your favorite animal God made?
  34. What’s the funniest looking animal God made?
  35. When you’re scared, what can you remember about God to help you trust Him?
  36. Who do you think is stronger, God or _________?
  37. What are things God has blessed you with? How can you use that to bless others?
  38. How would people know you follow Jesus today without you having to tell them?
  39. Do you have any prayer requests since I last saw you and we prayed this morning?
  40. Is there anyone God placed in your path who needs prayer?
  41. How did God show up in your day today?
  42. Are you struggling with anything we need to pray about together? (I always pray with my kids on the way to school- both go to different schools at different times, so each gets a send-off prayer from me… sealed with them saying “Amen” right along with me. This is one of the best things I’ve ever started with my kids. I hope it will carry on well into their older years when they can begin their days with prayer on their own. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to start the day, than to pray for protection, guidance, and the ability for them to shine the light of Christ in all their decisions that day. It gives ME great peace to know they are covered in prayer, and I truly believe it gives them peace too. Those rushed days when I forget- they remind me every single time!
  43. What’s your favorite Bible story?
  44. Who’s your favorite character in the Bible?
  45. What’s your favorite memory verse? Would you like to hear one of mine?
  46. What’s something I can pray about for you tonight? Is there anyone at school you’d like me to pray for with you?
  47. I sent my kids off every day – through the last day of high school – with a modified version of the Jabez prayer: “God bless (kids names), expand their opportunity for learning, friendship, faith, joy, love, happiness and understanding. Lay your hands on them and protect them from evil so they don’t feel pain or cause pain. Amen.” And I have to tell you ladies, I believe this prayer was a main reason for God’s protection over all three of my kids the day we had a school shooting in their high school. We can never underestimate the power of prayer. 
  48. I have a friend who, instead of saying goodbye to his kids says “don’t forget to let your light shine!” – How did your light shine today?
  49. What did you do today that Jesus would have done?
  50. My kids are little so when we pray we often follow Philippians 4:6, New Living Testament: “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” When we are worried, we decide to pray. Then I say, “What do you need?” and then I say, “Now, what has God done? Let’s thank Him.”
  51. Was there anyone you struggled to love? Why? And how did you push through that? What was the outcome?


  1. Did you stop and ask if your attitude and actions were pleasing to God throughout the day? What did he say?


  1. In what ways did you see God move on your behalf today?
  2. What prayers is God answering in your life right now?
  3. Are there prayers that feel “too big” or “too selfish” to pray?
  4. Do you feel like God is with you always, or just some of the time?
  5. Did you feel shame or condemnation at any point today?


  1. What temptations did you face? Are you proud of the choices you made in those moments?


  1. What do you feel your peer group is learning from you?


  1. What scriptures did you stand on when you felt attacked?


  1. What are you and your friends specifically praying over your school right now?


  1. What burdens are you carrying? What do we need to lay at the cross?


  1. What have you been exposed to that we need Jesus to wash off?


  1. What did you do today that Jesus would be proud of?


  1. Do you feel sure of who you are and how loved you are by God and us?


  1. Is there anything that happened today you feel nervous to talk to me about, like it might shock me? Because it won’t.


  1. You remember nothing can break my love for you, or God’s love for you, right?


  1. How can I best support you as you go be the man God’s called you to be today?


  1. When my 3rd grader has had a tough day at school, I always ask him if he helped somebody else and I usually find that lifts his mood. We talk about his big heart and how that is more means more to Jesus, Mommy, and Daddy than test scores.


  1. Every day before school my dad would tell each of us kids to “have a good and godly day.” I thought it was kind of silly back then, but have adopted it as something I frequently say.


Source: http://herviewfromhome.com/not-just-bedtime-prayers-70-faith-focused-questions-to-ask-your-kids-each-day/

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