Meet Larry Evans
Meet Larry Evans

Larry is a devoted father, husband, and proud Christian.

He taught high school for over 40 years.  Now, Larry says, “Finally seeing the “light” of what’s really important I retired from teaching after 41 yrs and over 7000 hormonally turbulent teens to become a full-time servant-leader husband-father.”

In Larry’s own words:

“Unashamedly, I am a Christian who will not hesitate to defend The Lord and His Word.  I believe that the LORD is God, and that He is faithful to His Word.  I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that THE WORD of GOD [Jesus] is the fulfilled covenant promise and the one and only way to the Father, by grace through faith… not through works I’ve done or not done.  I am thankful for everyday He gives me and for having been given a taste of heaven right here on earth right now.  He has proven faithful and true in all things time and time again.  I have nothing to prove. I have nothing to hide.  I only have The LORD to serve and Jesus to Love.  I am a Dad to 4 wonderful children, and a husband to the most amazing mid-westerly charming woman I could ever imagine–it is a pleasure to serve her.  All this (and then some) makes up who I am.”

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