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Week 8: The Great Mission

“I was a wrestler in 8th grade, I was about the same height, but about 60 pounds lighter at the 110… alright 65 pounds lighter (Laughter)… at the 110 pound weight class and when I was in 7th grade I’d lost a handful of matches… and that’s tough business… I mean wrestling is like an organized fight… it’s like getting beat up on the playground, only in the gym with a ref in front of all your friends… and everytime I lost, I cried… the emotion was so strong.”

Pastor Dan’s opening paragraphs below are SO good that if they don’t entice you to read more… well, I hope you will anyway 🙂

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Pastor Dan Borgelt
Kirkmont Presbyterian Church
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434

VIDEOCLIP SERMON INTRO –The Me | Church… Where it’s all about me”

Sermon AUDIO (listen as you read TRANSCRIPTION below)

Pastor Dan:
“Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go a “Me-Church”… to go to a church that catered to all your needs? Let me just ask you, “If Kirkmont started catering to all of your needs, what are some of the things that we would start offering… or how would we do things differently? … besides a new pastor (Laughter), that’s off the table, but anything else, what would it be?

I couldn’t come up with a list for you but I decided to come up with a list for myself. Here are the top three things that I thought of if the church just started catering to my needs, here are 3 things that we would start doing around here:
FIRST (this is in increasing order of expense): The first thing would be that my OFFICE would be painted in all Michigan colors with a BIG BLOCK “M” (LAUGHTER)… yeah, that’s right… and a TV outside of it that just played HIGHLIGHTS from all of Michigan’s games (more laugher).

The SECOND thing… I mean that’s doable, the second thing is a little more expensive: I personally would like a PASTOR’S BATHROOM somewhere because I just don’t feel comfortable going to the bathroom with the rest of the parishioners (Laughter)… especially after going into the restroom today in my socks (Laughter)… we’ll just leave that at that.

And then (in increasing order) FINALLY I would like… I would like to start a Chick-fil-A Restaurant right here in the building, that was OPEN ON SUNDAYS… right? .. if it was ME-CHURCH… what about for you?

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Sermon AUDIO –26 minutes

The Return of Christ

B.J. Newman
Kirkmont Presbyterian Church
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434

“My goal is not to engage with the skeptic this morning… my goal is to engage with Christians who live like they’re skeptics.  You see this guy I just told you about never thinks about the Second Coming because he doesn’t believe in it… and yet there are Christians here… Christians all throughout the Western World who will say, “Yes I believe in that… but just like the skeptic, they never think about it… it never crosses their mind. They wake up, they drink their coffee, they get their kids on the bus for school, they go to work, the eat lunch, they exercise, they come home, they pick their kids up, they watch TV… they binge watch on Netflix.. and the idea that CHRIST would come back NEVER ENTERS THEIR MIND… and let me tell you Church… that breaks my heart [transcriber’s too… to the point of literal tears].

“So, again, my goal is not to engage with the skeptic per se… but here’s what I would have conveyed to that skeptic today… you see he’s got a faith and a hope about the future that’s rooted in Scientific human advancement… and we as Christians have a HOPE and a FAITH in the future based on the One who CREATED Scientific advancement. And we have that hope bases on His Word (Greek [00:13:00] “I am coming soon”. Amen!

[Learn the root of one of the transcriber’s favorite goodbye’s to other believers.. “SEE YOU HERE.. THERE.. OR IN THE AIR…”]

And you won’t want to miss his Grand Finale… a superb ending to a superb sermon.

Listen along as you read TRANSCRIPTION below;

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Listen to Sermon AUDIO (30 minutes)

Complete Transcription Below

[Transcriber’s Note: I post these messages, sermons, weekly. They are given by the greatest human teacher I have ever heard. If you’ve given up on religion or the Church, give this post one more chance.  If you’re already a believer… buckle your seatbelt and get ready to dive deeper into your faith. Teaser excerpts are at the top; a link to the audio follows; and then a complete verbatim transcription is next.

Please let me know of any typos I have made or any suggestions to make this site better. I see myself as “one beggar showing other beggars where I found bread”. Thank you.]

If you’ve time to read only one thing, let’s “Begin with the end in mind” (Covey) THE CLOSING PRAYER:

“Father God we thank you for Your Word.. we thank you for this Essential in how it draws us and points us to the truth of Your Scriptures and reminds us of the significance of being a part of the Church… and for those of us who are here this morning who realize that many people’s false opinion about God and about the Church has come as a result of observing our poor behavior… we confess that to you and apologize for that and pray that Kirkmont would be a Salt and Light into this community… that we would function together as a place of LOVING FELLOWSHIP where the Word of God is preached with its integrity and it would bring Honor and Glory to You.

“If you’re a skeptic of Christianity or of the Church… I want to suggest to you that before you develop your opinion about the BRIDE OF CHRIST, you need to make sure you’re looking at the right thing… the right “bride” that is.”

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What is GRACE? and how does it differ from the JUSTICE we deserve and the MERCY we sometimes get?

“I want to challenge you… to not only ACCEPT God’s grace, but to SHOW IT TO SOMEONE. If you’re a parent and have a child, the next time they mess up… PUT YOURSELF IN TIME OUT. When you get out of time out take them and go get them an ice cream cone… I mean NOT ALL THE TIME… but I’m just saying… cause here’s the thing… We’re telling our kids and the world about GRACE and they’ve NEVER SEEN IT. It’s no wonder so many people can’t really grasp it in their life.

GRACE by definition is un_earned… it’s un_merited favor. So the moment that you try to infuse anything else into your Salvation, you nullify GRACE… the moment you try to just say to yourself, “If I just do some more GOOD things, THEN it’ll work out for me…” or, “If I can just stop doing all these BAD THINGS, then it’ll work out for me..”  As soon as you start down that road you nullify Grace because Grace by its definition is unearned, it’s unmerited, and it can’t be mixed with anything else.  It needs to stand ALONE.

PLUS… at the end, you will experience a superb segue to the Holy Table of Communion –

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Week 4: THE HOLY SPIRIT CAME DOWN – Getting it Right

WARNING… this message could be hazardous to your spiritual un-health.

Listen to Sermon Audio (complete TRANSCRIPT below):

Teaser 1 – “One of the saddest things I ever hear Christians say is the expression, “That’s just who I am”… that’s just who you are? … Really? (under breath laugh)… you mean to tell me that the influence of your mom and dad is greater in your life than the influence of the Holy Spirit?”

Teaser 2 –  “Friends, if you enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ you need to prepare for the possibility that HE MAY COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD VIEW… that the convictions and beliefs that you hold dear now may be completely changed because of the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Also, he’ll answer the question, CAN I LOSE MY SALVATION?

[Transcriber’s Note: BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BELTS… we’re in for an exciting ride 🙂 ]

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