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I’m Debt Free + Free to Forgive !!!

THIS IS PASTOR DAN BORGELT’S FIRST MESSAGE AS PASTOR OF KIRKMONT PRESBYTERIAN. He had one prior sermon in December 2014 “Man’s Chief End” delivered on December 14, 2015 for Congregation approval

Pastor Dan’s previous sermons at Riverside Church
405 Riverside Avenue North – Sartell, MN 56377
(320) 251-5801
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Then FILTER by Dan Borgelt (The T.U.L.I.P Series was superb… changed it to B.A.C.O.N. 🙂 )

AUDIO – Matthew 18:21-35 I’M DEBT FREE! – Free to Forgive

Pastor Dan – Transcription
“Well Good Morning.” (loud response)

Some of you perhaps have heard of a man named Dave Ramsey–a Christian man who’s nationally known for his personal, financial advice that he gives people… and he specializes in helping people GET OUT OF DEBT… get out from underneath the burden and the weight of financial debt… and the neat thing is he does it according to Biblical principles.


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