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Four Gifts of Christmas – PEACE

Audio (30 min

Pastor Dan Borgelt (transcript)
Well, as Charlie alluded to in our Children’s message we are indeed going to be lighting one of the Advent Candles here for the next four weeks as we’ve started our Advent Preaching Series… a series about the anticipation of The Coming of Christ through His birth.

We’re going to be discussing these four topics for the next four weeks: the discussion of the topic of PEACE, the topic of JOY, the topic of HOPE, and the topic of LOVE.

And for the Advent Candle this year, we’re going to do things a little bit different… I’m going to be the one to actually light the candle each week as a part of my message.. and what I want to do…

It became clear to me in the last few weeks as pastoring the church here that when it comes to my “Testimony“, or the story about how I’ve come to faith in Jesus Christ, it became clear to me that while I’ve been sort of transparent about different parts of my life, and maybe would give people some ideas about my childhood and my faith journey, I haven’t ever taken the time to really share it from beginning to end.

And so I had this idea to divide my testimony in to four parts, four weeks, and after each part I’ll stop and I will point that part to the topic of the day. So today you’re going to hear the first part of my testimony and then we will light the Candle of Peace; and then next week we’ll pick up and continue and so forth.

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