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I awoke this morning to this private message from a very intelligent former student: “In your opinion, what is the most compelling evidence for god or a higher power?”  I choose to respond here in Note form for posterity (your comments are welcome):

TWO RESPONSE LEVELS (‘Personal’ and ‘Science’ or physical evidence)

#1. “For me PERSONALLY, I just know that I know what I know… meaning I feel God’s presence personally and I’m not the same person I used to be before Him (because of my relationship with Him).

And this has become increasingly so since I retired 5 years ago.  I’ve become more “monk-like” in my study of God’s Word and increasingly FEEL His presence. The power from His Holy Spirit power has given me a ‘PEACE‘ and a sort of “interpersonal invincibility” (my word) that I’d never before known — which has been intensifying exponentially these last 2 months since attending a new church ( Kirkmont Presbyterian )

Also I’ve begun a life long project transcribing verbatim messages of it’s pastor, Dan Borgelt) who has the skilled articulation of a surgeon, portrait painter and orchestra conductor combined. I literally cry at the beauty of the composition as I type his words.

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