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Acts 2 – These Men are not Drunk

Pastor Dan – AUDIO (36 minutes; starts at [00:09])

“Well last week here Kirkmont we began a new preaching series… we began preaching through the book of Acts.

Acts is the fifth book that appears in the New Testament right after the four books that record the life of Jesus.

We have Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John… and then we come to the Book of Acts.

Last week we discussed that Acts is actually written by one of those who wrote about the life of Jesus and that is Luke, who wrote the gospel of Luke, and also is the person who wrote the book of Acts.

Both letters were addressed to a man named Theophilus.  And Acts, in a nutshell, is really answering the question, “What happens once Jesus ascends into heaven and he leaves?”

  • What happens to those people who have begun to follow him?
  • What happens to the early church?
  • How does the early church get formed?  And
  • How do they grow, and
  • How do they act, and
  • How do they treat each other

I mean Acts is really the history, and the recording of all those things.

And last week specifically, in Acts chapter one, we looked at some of Jesus’s last words that he said to his disciples before he ascended into heaven.  And the Scripture told us that he spoke to them about the Kingdom of God.

And then he told them to go to Jerusalem, to wait in Jerusalem… whereby they will be filled with the Spirit of God.

And so last week our main point was this, that…

“You and I are called to be the people who live with the Spirit of God, and for the Kingdom of God.”

…that you and I are called to be a people who live with the Spirit of God, and for the Kingdom of God.


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Acts 1 – A People with Power and Purpose

Pastor Dan Borgelt
Pastor Dan Pulpit 3

Pastor Dan – Audio (25 minutes)

“Well as I said from the outset of the service, we are beginning a new series going through the book of Acts.

So our goal is we’re going to spend about one week per chapter.  Which means we’re not going to be able to look at every single verse of Scripture, but hopefully be able to get the general theme of each passage as we move forward at a pace of about one week per chapter.

And what that means is… any time we start a new a new book,  there’s some housekeeping to do, there’s some groundwork to lay to help us understand some of the basic concepts of this book.

And between that and having our officers installed this morning, and communion… what that means is we don’t have time this morning for a traditional introduction.  We don’t have time for any videos; we don’t have any time for any opening engaging stories.  We don’t have any time for funny stories… we don’t even have any time to laugh (light laughter).

We’ve got to get right down to business and get into this passage of Scripture together.

So here is my introduction for you this morning.

My challenge to you, as we start our new series in the book of Acts, starting next week… bring your Bible.  Bring a Bible with you.  I know you’ve got him at home (LAUGHTER)… bring it with you; and start opening up the Scripture with us together this morning and on a weekly basis.


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Book of Acts – Series

Acts 1 – “A People With Power and Purpose”

Acts 2 – “These Men are Not Drunk”

Acts 3 – “Kingdom Opportunities”

Acts 4 – “There’s No Plan B”

Acts 5 – “We Can’t Stop Talking About Him”

Acts 6 – “A Caring Community… Four Marks of a Healthy Church”

Acts 7 – “The Danger of Religious People”

Acts 8 – “Persecution Leads to Mission”

Acts 9 – “Saul to Paul For Us All”

Acts 10 – “The Real Thing”


Acts 12 – “Why Me?”

Acts 13

Acts 14

Acts 15

Acts 18

Acts 19

Acts 20



Why Jesus Came

Opening Video clip Introducing Sermon [02:37]

Pastor Dan – SERMON AUDIO (27: 14)

“Some of you may recognize that movie. .. how many of you saw that movie (2007) The Bucket List …by any chance?

Yes, a good number of you saw it… a movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, again it came out in 2007. And of course by “The Bucket List“,  what happened is, they’re good friends, Morgan Freeman gets diagnosed with a terminal illness.  And he creates this sort of bucket list.  He had created it before and now he’s set out to try to fulfill it.

It’s a list of all the things that he wants to do before he passes away. His and Jack Nicholson’s relationship struggled some…. and this is a clip from the very end of the movie, as Morgan Freeman has left him a letter in his passing, and you see that Jack Nicholson is left with the task of completing Morgan Freeman’s bucket list through his life.

And you know the interesting thing about the word “bucket list”… the concept in general is sort of revealing isn’t it.  If we were to ask people in this room just to pause and say, “OK, what’s on yours?   We would have a whole wide variety of answers wouldn’t we.


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Christmas Eve 2015 – What Child is This?

Recognizing the Biblical Connection between Jesus’ Birth and Our Sin

AUDIO (20 minutes):

Pastor Dan – (Transcription)
Well it’s Christmas Eve… and I’ve been thinking all week long about the reality that the majority of the people here tonight will have heard all of the passages of Scripture that pertain to Jesus being born…

And I started thinking to myself you know, I don’t think I’m going to be able to say anything new about Jesus’s birth.

And so I hope you don’t mind I’ve taken the liberty to do something a little bit different.  We’re going to go to the Book of Exodus and we’re going to talk about Moses’s birth tonight… is that going to be all right with you guys? (LAUGHTER)

Well… by  a show of hands how many of you would like to hear a sermon about Jesus’ birth?

OK.  Yikes.  OK.  It’s going to… how many of you are awake enough to rate… ?

How many of you would like to hear a sermon about Moses birth?  OK.. alright there’s a few actually.

That means that what we’re gonna have to do… I just want you to realize that if we do a sermon about Jesus’ birth, the sermon notes that I have are about Moses birth and so we’re down to no sermon notes so that might mean a short sermon tonight.


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