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The Prodigal God – Part 1

AUDIO (21 minutes)

Pastor Dan Borgelt:
We are starting a new series here at Kirkmont called, THE PRODIGAL GOD. It’s a 6-week series and we’re going to be taking a look at one particular passage for six weeks in a row.

Now if you’re familiar with Church, or are familiar the Bible in any way at all, that title, THE PRODIGAL GOD, might sort of ring a bell, but yet also seem just a little bit off… like maybe the author of the series just missed a word or two.

But some of you are familiar with the story known as THE PRODIGAL SON and that’s indeed the passage we’re going to be looking at a together for the next 6 weeks. It’s from the Book of Luke, chapter 15.

We’re going to be looking at this one parable for six weeks in a row… and I can’t tell you enough, I AM REALLY EXCITED TO BE LOOKING AT THIS PASSAGE TOGETHER.

There are so many layers to this passage… so many different angles to look at, so many different things to bring out, and I want to say that from the outset, so you realize that when we read the passage together this morning, you’re going to think of things that I’m not going to cover this morning but hopefully by the end of the six weeks we will have covered all the things you think of, PLUS also bring out some new insight into this passage for those of you who are familiar with it.

Here’s what we want to focus on this morning there with Luke chapter 15 in the story of the Prodigal Son … we are focusing on this idea of RELIGION vs the GOSPEL… religion vs. the Gospel.


Now if those terms are unfamiliar to you that’s okay we’re going to look at those and define them together in our time this morning, but I want to let you know from the outset that in my opinion, when it comes to religion and the Gospel, I want to make this point from the outset, that I do not believe that they are similar to each other; I do not think that they are variations of each other; but instead I want to propose this idea that religion is the exact opposite of the Gospel… that it is directly opposed to the Gospel.
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