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Why Jesus Came

Opening Video clip Introducing Sermon [02:37]

Pastor Dan – SERMON AUDIO (27: 14)

“Some of you may recognize that movie. .. how many of you saw that movie (2007) The Bucket List …by any chance?

Yes, a good number of you saw it… a movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, again it came out in 2007. And of course by “The Bucket List“,  what happened is, they’re good friends, Morgan Freeman gets diagnosed with a terminal illness.  And he creates this sort of bucket list.  He had created it before and now he’s set out to try to fulfill it.

It’s a list of all the things that he wants to do before he passes away. His and Jack Nicholson’s relationship struggled some…. and this is a clip from the very end of the movie, as Morgan Freeman has left him a letter in his passing, and you see that Jack Nicholson is left with the task of completing Morgan Freeman’s bucket list through his life.

And you know the interesting thing about the word “bucket list”… the concept in general is sort of revealing isn’t it.  If we were to ask people in this room just to pause and say, “OK, what’s on yours?   We would have a whole wide variety of answers wouldn’t we.


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