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What is GRACE? and how does it differ from the JUSTICE we deserve and the MERCY we sometimes get?

“I want to challenge you… to not only ACCEPT God’s grace, but to SHOW IT TO SOMEONE. If you’re a parent and have a child, the next time they mess up… PUT YOURSELF IN TIME OUT. When you get out of time out take them and go get them an ice cream cone… I mean NOT ALL THE TIME… but I’m just saying… cause here’s the thing… We’re telling our kids and the world about GRACE and they’ve NEVER SEEN IT. It’s no wonder so many people can’t really grasp it in their life.

GRACE by definition is un_earned… it’s un_merited favor. So the moment that you try to infuse anything else into your Salvation, you nullify GRACE… the moment you try to just say to yourself, “If I just do some more GOOD things, THEN it’ll work out for me…” or, “If I can just stop doing all these BAD THINGS, then it’ll work out for me..”  As soon as you start down that road you nullify Grace because Grace by its definition is unearned, it’s unmerited, and it can’t be mixed with anything else.  It needs to stand ALONE.

PLUS… at the end, you will experience a superb segue to the Holy Table of Communion –

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