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Sermon AUDIO –26 minutes

The Return of Christ

B.J. Newman
Kirkmont Presbyterian Church
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434

“My goal is not to engage with the skeptic this morning… my goal is to engage with Christians who live like they’re skeptics.  You see this guy I just told you about never thinks about the Second Coming because he doesn’t believe in it… and yet there are Christians here… Christians all throughout the Western World who will say, “Yes I believe in that… but just like the skeptic, they never think about it… it never crosses their mind. They wake up, they drink their coffee, they get their kids on the bus for school, they go to work, the eat lunch, they exercise, they come home, they pick their kids up, they watch TV… they binge watch on Netflix.. and the idea that CHRIST would come back NEVER ENTERS THEIR MIND… and let me tell you Church… that breaks my heart [transcriber’s too… to the point of literal tears].

“So, again, my goal is not to engage with the skeptic per se… but here’s what I would have conveyed to that skeptic today… you see he’s got a faith and a hope about the future that’s rooted in Scientific human advancement… and we as Christians have a HOPE and a FAITH in the future based on the One who CREATED Scientific advancement. And we have that hope bases on His Word (Greek [00:13:00] “I am coming soon”. Amen!

[Learn the root of one of the transcriber’s favorite goodbye’s to other believers.. “SEE YOU HERE.. THERE.. OR IN THE AIR…”]

And you won’t want to miss his Grand Finale… a superb ending to a superb sermon.

Listen along as you read TRANSCRIPTION below;

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